Jude Wanniski
June 29, 1998


Memo To: Website Fans, Browsers
From: Jude Wanniski
Re: SENSATIONAL Polyconomics’ “Summer Specials”

1. BIG DEAL, EH?  You may recall I advised you two months ago that we would be offering a special report on Canada by Reuven Brenner, a professor of management at McGill University in Montreal and in my view the best business economist anywhere. I persuaded Reuven to undertake the commission after spending several hours discussing the prospects for the Canadian economy, the Canadian dollar, and the Toronto Stock Exchange index, which has pitifully lagged the DJIA over the last generation. Several of you signed up for the paper at the time, which we priced at $1000 for our regular clients and $2500 for non-clients. The paper is late because we decided there was no critical deadline and we wanted it to be the state-of-the-art on Canada, heavy enough to make waves in the Canadian political establishment and perhaps give a push to Ottawa policy and politics and eventually the TSE. The paper runs 15,000 words plus several surprising charts and graphs and will be sent express mail next week. If you are interest in learning more about this, e-mail a response and we will get back to you.

2. END OF THE WORLD? We are offering a one-time Y2K service which will cover the next breathtaking 18 months. I’ve not only discovered enormous interest in what we’ve been saying thus far, but also that to do it right I’ve had to assign one of our hi-tech analysts, Paul Bond, to devote full time to the project. A five-page outline will be sent to legitimate client prospects. If you want the full service, which will begin with a blockbuster later in July, the charge will be $5000. Of the several regular clients we surveyed to determine interest, an astonishing percentage signed up on the spot, without even seeing the outline. We will be supervising Paul’s research to keep it essential to the industrial and financial community. His weekly reports to me over lunch are most provocative, not only about the negatives of Y2K, but the positives. There will be absolutely no reduction in the price of the service, which will become more critical and valuable as the clocks tick away. If you decide to sign up in December for the last 12 months, it will still be $5000. If you might want to get these reports and access to Paul Bond for added info, e-mail a response and we will contact you.

3. LAST, BUT NOT LEAST. A 20th anniversary edition of The Way the World Works will be published in August by Regnery, which extols it as “Jude Wanniski’s Masterpiece.” It is the same old book, except for a new foreword by me and a new flattering introduction by Robert Novak, who says it is one of two books he’s read in the last 50 years that turned him inside out. What’s the other? I’m not telling (unless you call and ask). There is a special, super-duper sale of a limited edition of the “masterpiece,” bound in leather (fake) and autographed (real). At the moment, only 400 have been subscribed. If you would like one or more for $50, including shipping, etc., e-mail a response and we will count you in. You can’t wait until next week to decide on this, as we must notify Regnery this week on how many of this souvenir edition they should bind. You can decide on the inscription at your leisure or get just a dated autograph. We will accept VISA and Mastercard for these purchases.